When will I be able to travel?

Once you register your Travel Extravaganza Promo Code you will be eligible to receive your choice of travel certificates. Each travel certificate will have unique terms and conditions but most of the feature "Anytime" travel with no blackout dates and 0 days advance notice.

What types of accommodations are used?

Based on the travel certificate most accommodations vary from 3 - 5 star standard rooms or luxury vacation condos. Upgrades are available at standard rates, your travel specialist can assist you with details prior to booking.

When does the offer expire?

Your Travel Extravaganza Promo Code expires only after you redeem all of the Certificate Redemption coupons. Individual travel certificates usually expire 12 months after activation. Offers may be removed or changed at any time.

Is this offer transferable?

Yes, you can transfer ownership of the Travel Extravaganza Promo Code anytime prior to registration.

Where can I travel to?

There are 14 different travel offers to pick from with destinations world wide. Click here for a complete list of offers.

Are there any black out dates?

No, accommodations are based on availability.

Will I have to send any payments?

As with all other travel programs each travel certificate requires a travel deposit or activation fee at time of activation. All costs are fully explained in each travel certificates terms and conditions.

Can my travel certificates be extended?

Yes. Based on circumstance, we would be happy to extend any voucher (as long as you can provide an active file number.)

Are travel rates inflated?

No, these are all published rates. They are the same rates that our travel agents receive in their travel directories.

When will my travel certificate arrive?

Your travel certificate will arrive 10 - 15 business days after we receive your request form.